Mechanical Party Wireless Sound Wave War Ape Speaker

Mechanical Party Wireless Sound Wave War Ape Speaker

Mechanical Party Wireless Sound Wave War Ape Bluetooth Speaker

4.2 Bluetooth speaker / mechanical collection / DIY item / cool gift

Color: silver

Two Versions: Finished Work / DIY (install the device by yourself)

Brand: Mechanical Party

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  • DIY
  • Finished Work



Background story:

The sonic war ape family that exists in New Africa is difficult to communicate with because it is a Level 4 sprouting AI brain intelligent robot. Also very aggressive. The force is extremely powerful, but it is not recognized by autonomous AI brain robots above level 2. So it is outside the jurisdiction of the Mechanical Party Federation. Not protected by the federal laws of the Mechanical Party. They are therefore reduced to mercenaries of robotic careerists and are known by people. The weapons are the roaring sonic wave, the Gatling ion cannon and 6 fang missiles.


  • Mechanical aesthetics

War ape Bluetooth speaker is a sci-fi mechanical body, which is composed of 320 parts and would change your perception of parts.

  • Bluetooth Speaker

4.2 wireless Bluetooth speaker, full metal heavy bass quality.

  • Multiple poses

The joints can be adjusted in multiple angles, and you can pose the look of war ape speaker as you like.

  • Assembly/modification

War Ape audio can be DIY assembled/modified/painted to create your own exclusive mecha

  • Scenario shows

Furnishings - makes your place look more attractive and wonderful.

Cool gift - takes it as a present to your family, friends or colleagues etc.

DIY handmade - you could assemble the war ape speaker in person


Model: bluetooth speaker

Bluetooth protocol: 4.2

Power supply: USB

Shell material: metal

product weight: 0.5 kg

product size: 17*13.5*18 cm

package size: 20*20*23 cm

Package list: A set of assembly tools * 1, assembly instructions * 1, collection certificate * 1, special wipes * 1 

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18 cm
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