Inncap Colorful Bright Light Smart Wifi E27 800lm Bulb
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Inncap Colorful Bright Light Smart Wifi E27 800lm Bulb

Inncap colorful bright light smart Wifi bulb E27 800lm lamp from Xiaomi Youpin

RGB color light + warm white light, WiFi connection, mobile APP + voice operation

Brand: Inncap

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  • Life is bright and wonderful

Free dimming of cold and warm colors | various colors can be switched as you like | Mijia APP control

Xiaomi loT intelligent linkage I Xiaoai classmate voice control

  • Low price customized only for you, hope you could spend less.

We control from the source and focus on the unparalleled cost-effectiveness of similar products. An inncap bright LED bulb is equivalent to buying both a lighting lamp and an atmosphere lamp, providing you with high-quality and affordable smart home products.

1 inncap bright light LED bulb = 1 cold light + 1 warm light + 1 colorful light

  • Everything is wonderfulI want to be your light.

Freely switch between daylight mode and color mode. Daylight clearly illuminates and colored light creates atmosphere.

  • A beam of sunlight and a touch of moonlight are ideal light to light up the darkness.

The light and shade of cold and warm can be adjusted freely according to your preferences. The warm light is warm and the white light is bright, which can meet your daily lighting needs and create your ideal home time.

Adjust the brightness at your will / Adjust color temperature at your will

  • All kinds of colors decorate your world, like dreams and illusions, let life meet romance.

Free choice of various colors, adjustable brightness, easy to create the dreamy atmosphere you want, to meet your multiple use needs.

  • Always be with you.

The inncap bright light LED bulb has been connected to Mijia. After joining the Xiaomi loT service, you can perform intelligent voice control through Xiaoai. Remote control, more convenient to use

  • Mijia APP control

Through Mijia APP, you can remotely control the color temperature, brightness of the lamp, turn on/off the lamp, etc., and eliminate the trouble of manual switching.

  • Anytime, anywhere, remote control

Whether it is WIFI or 4G network, whether at home or out, control the lights anytime and anywhere.

If you forget to turn off the light after going out, you can turn it off through the APP.

Turn on the lights in advance before going home, which can be turned on through the APP.

  • Exclusive memory for you

Remember everything about you, whether it's the switch time you set or the light color or mode you used last time.

  • Smart memory

Built-in memory function, turn it on again and automatically restore the previous light effect set after turning off the light.

  • One key to control the whole house lighting

You can add multiple bulbs through the Mijia APP, perform group control, and synchronize the light status in real time. In addition, it supports the interconnection of multiple people, together with the family, to easily control the smart light.

  • One-click switch between 6 daily scenes

The lights of 6 commonly used scenes have been set up for you, and you can switch with one key after opening the Mijia APP.

Basic parameters

Product name: inncap bright light L ED bulb (color light version)

Bulb interface: E27

Power: 7. .5W

Luminous flux: 800Im

Color rendering value: >80

Color temperature range: 2700-6500K

Color adjustment: RGB color

Lighting: RGB+two-color

Material: plastic, nylon

Package: bulb * 1

Common Q&A

Q: What are the requirements for the network environment to connect the bulb?

A: 1. When configuring the network, the mobile phone and the light bulb must be in the same router network and the network is normal;

2. The device only supports 2.4G Wifi signal, not 5G Wifi signal.

Q: How to restore the factory settings of the bulb?

A: In the power-on state, use the power switch to switch on and off for 5 consecutive times. After the product flashes, the light turns to a normal white light state, which indicates that the device is successfully reset and the installation state is entered.

Q: What is the problem with the flickering of the light bulb?

A: 1. During the network distribution stage, breathing flashing is normal;

2. Flashing in other stages, please check whether the lamp holder is installed in place or whether the lamp holder with dimming holder is used.

Q: Can one mobile phone control multiple bulbs?

A: Yes, and you can use the lamp group function to control multiple bulbs with one button.

Q: Why does the APP prompt the connection timeout?

A: Maybe the network signal is not good. Check if the device is too far away from the router. Move the device closer to the router and re-enter the network configuration state.

Q: The lamp has been reset successfully, but the phone cannot find the device

A: 1. Check whether the mobile phone is connected to the router and the network is normal;

2. Check if the phone positioning/Bluetooth is turned on;

3. Close the Mijia APP and reopen the APP to find the device.

Q: What should I do if the display device is offline?

A: 1. First check whether the network status is normal and whether it is connected. On;

2. Refresh the device list or reopen the APP to refresh the device list and check whether the device is online;

3. Re-reset the device and connect again.

Q: Do I need to reconnect manually if the power is off or the WiFi is disconnected?

A: No, the device will automatically reconnect after power or WiFi network is restored.

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