Smart Deodorizer Device Odor Cleaner for Cat Litter Box White
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Smart Deodorizer Device Odor Cleaner for Cat Litter Box White

Smart Deodorizer Device Odor Cleaner for Cat Litter Box White

Smart cat odor filter, cat litter box deodorant companion, cat litter box electric deodorizer remover, pet deodorizer cleaner

Color: white

Brand: Uah

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Smart Deodorizer Device Odor Cleaner for Cat Litter Box White Color

Cats have a more sensitive sense of smell than dogs. They have two noses, the other is called Jacobson’s organ (vomeronasal organ), and the opening is hidden behind the cat front teeth. The vomeronasal organ has a broader and more sensitive sense of smell than the nasal cavity. It can not only smell the sexual molecules, but also make a judgment on the nature of peptide compounds. This is the cat's cleft lip olfactory response. So don't let cats often smell those chemical scents and irritating smells. This makes them very uncomfortable.

Cats hate these smells

Fragrance / Bad smell / Pungent / Chemical smell


  • Easily to solve the three problems of cat litter box

Research and development based on genetic science and animal behavior

  • Issue 1 - The smell is unpleasant, shoveling cat feces becomes torture

Odor cleaner - Strong decomposition, double-effect deodorization

  • Issue 2 - Easy to breed bacteria and cause cross infection

Odor cleaner - 99% durable sterilization

  • Issue 3 - Cat litter dust causes respiratory diseases in cats

Odor cleaner - Absorb cat litter dust

  • Strongly decompose odorous substances

The smart odor cleaner is equipped with a dual-effect purification module, which slowly releases an appropriate amount of active oxygen + million negative ions. It takes only 5-7 minutes to effectively decompose and decompose the odor-producing substances in cat feces, and react to produce non-toxic and odorless substances.

  • Surrounded by negative ions, deep purification

The million-level negative ion group participates in purification, activates the oxygen atoms in the air, and deodorizes at the same time, allowing the cat to enjoy the fresh breath like a forest after a rain.

  • Fragrance-free deodorant, no burden for cats

It is difficult for cats to accept the taste of plant essences, which is a huge burden and torture for the cat’s sense of smell, and even chronically damages the cat’s liver.

  • No need for filter consumables

No extra cost to buy filter elements or other consumables.

  • Cat litter box, long-lasting sterilization

The active oxygen in the purification module will effectively destroy the cell wall of the decomposing bacteria, thereby killing the bacteria in the litter box and preventing cross infection.

  • Positioning and adsorbing cat litter box dust

In order to prevent cats from inhaling excessive dust when smelling cat litter box and causing respiratory diseases. Smart odor remover locates the tuyere to accurately release negative ions, absorb and reduce dust.

  • Ordinary cat litter box upgrade in one second

With the smart odor cleaner, the ordinary litter box can be easily enjoyed the clean experience as the smart cat litter box brings. 

  • Small size, universal size

It is small in size, does not occupy space, and can be placed on a slightly curved surface. Various types of cat litter boxes can be used.

  • 24-hour smart monitoring

The smart odor device partner will monitor odors, bacteria and dust online 24 hours a day. Deodorize every 10 minutes to ensure that the cat litter box is always clean.

  • High-sensitive recognition of cats in and out

Equipped with a high-sensitivity biosensing system, 360° intelligently recognizes the moment when the cat enters and exits, and the cat starts without disturbance when he goes to the toilet. After the cat leaves, the clean smell function is activated and sterilized efficiently.

  • No-fan design

Humanized no-fan design, no noise or disturbance.

  • Cat friendly soft light

Under working status, the soft light breathing indicator will light up to indicate.

Not glaring, not disturbing, cats are not afraid.

  • Blue light always on: intelligent monitoring status
  • Blue light breathing: clean taste sterilization state
  • Constant red light: Intelligent monitoring status of power loss
  • Red light breathing: power loss, clean smell sterilization state
  • long battery life

Built-in 2600mAh high-capacity lithium battery, which can last up to 10 days when fully charged. When cleaning the cat litter box every week, just take it out and charge it.

  • Cat anti-scratch buckle

The cat's anti-scratch rotating buckle design is easy for the owner to take it off, and the cat can't catch it off.


Basic parameters

Product size: 83*83*33 mm

Product material: ABS

Rated voltage: 3.7V

Package: Deodorizer*1, USB power cord*1

Common question

1. What is the principle of the deodorizer?

It releases a proper amount of active oxygen + negative ions through the purification module, quickly locates the main substances in the odor, ammonia and hydrogen sulfide, and chemically reacts with them to decompose the odor, and produce non-toxic and odorless substances.

2. Will cats be scared?

will not. Because the Uah pet odor filter has intelligent monitoring and sensing functions, 24-hour online monitoring can sense the moment the cat enters and exits the litter box. When the cat enters the litter box, the odor filter will automatically turn off. After the cat leaves, it will automatically turn on again. Will not disturb the cat.

3. Through what sterilization?

The active oxygen in the purification module will destroy the cell wall of the decomposing bacteria, thereby achieving the effect of completely killing the bacteria.

4. Is the odor cleaner safe for pets or people?

It is very safe for pets and people and can be used with confidence. In addition, the deodorizer will also release a large amount of negative ions, which is beneficial to improve the ambient air and has certain effects on the removal of formaldehyde in the house.

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