Petoneer Smart Sterilization Deodorizer Device for Cat and Dog Toilet
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Petoneer Smart Sterilization Deodorizer Device for Cat and Dog Toilet

Petoneer Intelligent sterilization deodorizer device for cat and dog toilet.

Sterilization and deodorization | No consumables | Infrared timing dual mode | USB charging

*Recommended for pet toilets within 0.1 cubic meters

Color: white

Brand: Petoneer

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Petoneer Intelligent sterilization deodorizer device for cat and dog toilet.


  • No need to clean the pet toilet all the time

It can also provide a "clean" and "healthy" environment for pets

Say goodbye to the traditional filter element scent masking method, using active oxygen release decomposition technology to neutralize and decompose odor molecules, inhibit bacterial reproduction, and make the pet space cleaner and fresher.

*The purification effect is affected by the use environment. (The closed state of the pet toilet and the frequency of pet excretion will affect the purification effect, depending on the actual use environment)

  • 70cm/120° Smart sensor mode - Safer and more assured

Adopting Fresnel ultra-thin lens and infrared sensor, real-time sensing of the time when the pet enters and exits, and actively releases active oxygen after the pet leaves, so that the cleaning effect is better.

  • Intermittent working mode, 24 hours long-term care

The 24-hour normal intermittent working mode does not need to control the switch all the time, and automatically provides active oxygen for the pet's living environment for purification.

  • Large capacity lithium battery, more convenient to use

No need for external power supply, customized 2200mAh high-capacity battery, it can last about 3 days when it is fully charged, so you can be more worry-free.

  • Scientific design, active oxygen release more fully

The three-sided outlet design allows the active oxygen molecules to be released quickly with the airflow, which better enhances the coverage of active oxygen.

  • Indicator light shows active oxygen working status.

The indicator light is off. - Odor cleaner is in sleep state.

The blue indicator light is always on. - Live oxygen is being released.

The blue light flashes. - The infrared sensor has been triggered and stopped active oxygen release..

  • Design every detail like family

Magnetically attachable design

Standard Micro USB, free choice to three switches.

Sleek design is integrated into home life.


Product name: intelligent sterilization deodorizer

Product model: AOE010

Product size: 99.6x51.7x41.5mm

Product net weight: 153g

Product material: ABS

Battery: 2200mAh lithium battery

Use time: about 3 days (under full power)

Charging time: about 3.5 hours

Working mode: infrared/timing

Machine certification: RoHS

Executive standard: GB4706.1

Packing list: 1 * Intelligent sterilization deodorizer device, 1 * Adhesive metal patch, 1 *Foam glue, 1 *USB charging cable

Common question

  • 1. What is active oxygen? Why can it achieve deodorization and sterilization effect?

A: Active oxygen terminology 03. The built-in module converts 02 in the air into 03. 03 is oxidative and unstable. It can decompose the emitted odor molecules and re-convert it into oxygen; it can also destroy the cell membrane structure of bacteria and has a certain sterilization effect.

  • 2. Why do I need infrared motion detection?

A: The Il file mode is mainly used in toilets such as cats and dogs. After defecation is detected, the 03 release amount is increased to improve the deodorizing effect.

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