Dog grinding Teeth Sounding Toy

Dog grinding Teeth Sounding Toy

Dog grinding Teeth Sounding Toy 

Dog grinding teeth stick toy with sound / Small or medium golden relaxing bauble / Pet bad breath removal anti-bite plaything

Color: blue, green

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  • Blue
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Does the dog need such a toy?

A good toy can help you share the troubles of raising a dog.

Help dogs to grind and clean their teeth, prevent gum bleeding

Prevent your dog from gnawing furniture while grinding teeth

Toys can give him company when you are away

Increase the interaction between the dog and you


Safe and bite resistant

Dog vocal toy

Environmentally friendly material, it will sound if you press it

safe and non-toxic

Wear and bite resistant

Clean teeth

Sound when it is bit

  • The bite and sound stick toys might help your furniture being tore by your dog.

The toy stick does not require a battery to sound, which makes the dog more excited

  • It's also a toy and a toothbrush

Dogs can clean their teeth while playing

The toy stick can help dogs massage their gums 360°, making it comfortable and satisfying

  • The material is soft, safe and non-toxic.

The material is safe, naturally flexible and chewy

Food grade material is safe for dogs to bite the stick toy

Product information

Name: Dog grinding Teeth Sounding Toy

Brand: Yinuo

Size: small - 15.8 * 12.8 cm , large - 20 * 17 cm

Features: sounding, bite resistant and wear resistant

Material: Vinyl PVC

Applicable: 6 months old and above. Large, medium and small dogs


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