Bitoway Medical Disposable Mask Adult Version 50 Pieces
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Bitoway Medical Disposable Mask Adult Version 50 Pieces

Bitoway Medical Disposable Mask Adult Model 50 Pieces

Filtration efficiency ≥99%, bacterial BFE, virus VFE, particulate PFE.

Three-layer filtration Block bacteria / Skin-friendly and comfortable / Bacteria filtration efficiency

Model: male 9.5cm*17.5cm / female 9.5cm*14.5cm

Color: white

Brand: Bitoway

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Adult disposable medical mask


  • BFE (bacterial filtration effect) ≥99%

It is used to prevent the air impurities of public places from entering the oral cavity and respiratory system, such as very small particles, haze, automobile exhaust, dust, smoke, flowers and trees, PM2.5, bacteria, etc.

  • 3D design to construct a large space

Reduce mouth and nose pressure and breathing discomfort, keep breathing smooth. It is produced in strict accordance with the national YY/T0969-2013 standard, has no peculiar smell, and is hygienic and reliable.

  • Use high-quality materials

Reduce air resistance and reduce water mist

Comfortable fabric, layer by layer care, skin-friendly, breathable and comfortable.

  • Sanitary and reliable

It is produced in strict accordance with national standards, has no peculiar smell, and is hygienic and reliable.

  • Shapeable nose strip

Concealed design, can adjust the curvature freely, and fit the nose bridge and face more closely.

  • The ear straps are comfortable to wear

The elasticity is moderate, and it is more comfortable to wear for a long time.

  • Mesh structure to protect the filter layer

Ultrasonic spot welding is firm and anti-dropping, effectively protecting the filter layer.

Proper way to wear

1. First, distinguish the upper and lower sides, the end with the bridge of the nose is facing up, and the protruding side of the bridge of the nose is facing outward.

2. Put the left and right straps of the mask behind the ears, and press the nose bridge along the bridge of the nose to make it fit comfortably on the bridge of the nose.

3. Hold the bridge of the nose with one hand, and pull the lower end of the mask to the chin with the other hand, covering the mouth, nose and chin, making the mask close to the face.


1. This mask is a disposable protective mask and cannot be washed and used multiple times;

2. If itching or allergies occur during use, please stop using it immediately;

3. Please do not wear the mask on the wound or the part with inflammation;

4. Please follow local environmental protection regulations when discarding.

Basic parameters

Product name: disposable medical mask

Product material: non-woven fabric and meltblown fabric

Product specifications: male 9.5cm*17.5cm / female 9.5cm*14.5cm

Product color: white

Packing specification: 50 pcs/box

Product validity: three years

Executive standard: YY/T0969-2013

Common question

Q: How many layers does this mask have?.

A: This mask has 3 layers, the outer layer is non-woven fabric, the middle layer is 99 high-efficiency meltblown fabric, and the inner layer is non-woven fabric.

Q: What is the implementation standard of this mask? Is it medical grade?

A: Medical grade, domestic implementation standard YY/T 0969-2013, bacterial filtration rate ≥99%.

Q: Is this mask sterile or non-sterile? What is the difference between non-sterile and sterile?

A: This mask is non-sterile. The production process of sterilized masks and non-sterile masks, and the product materials are the same. Their difference is:

Sterilization mask: At the end of the production process, it is sterilized by the high-efficiency alkylating gas disinfectant ethylene oxide. Sterilized products are used in sterile environments such as operating rooms, in infectious disease areas, and surgical staff.

Non-sterile mask: It has not been sterilized by ethylene oxide and is suitable for ordinary environment and hospital non-sterile environment.

Doctor’s advice: The general population should not wear sterile masks for a long time. It is necessary for medical staff to wear them. According to the national pharmaceutical industry standard, masks sterilized with 2-alkylene oxide should not contain more than 10ug/g of ethylene oxide. Zan oxide is an alkylating agent, long-term wear, there is a risk of cancer.

Q: Is this mask anti-coronavirus?

A: We use 99 high-efficiency melt blown cloth. The test results show that the bacterial filtration rate is as high as 99%, which can protect against viruses.

Q: Is this mask thick? Is it comfortable to wear?

A: This mask does not feel heavy, it is soft and comfortable to wear, and has good protective effect. The bacterial filtering effect is even higher than the implementation standard, reaching 99%. Whether the protective effect of the mask is good or not, meltblown cloth is the core, and there is no inevitable relationship with thickness .

Q: What is the material of the nose bridge of this mask?

A: Taking safety into consideration, all our masks are made of environmentally friendly plastic.

Q: Who is the female mask suitable for?

A: Suitable for ladies with medium to small faces.

Q: How to choose a mask that suits you?

A: According to the implementation standard, after the mask is worn, it should be able to cover the wearer's mouth, nose and jaw.

Q: Is this mask individually packaged?

A: No, 50 pieces are put in one box.

Q: What should I do if the mask smells?

A: The slight smell comes from the material itself and is harmless to humans. If you are particularly sensitive to the smell, please leave it in the air for a while, the smell will dissipate.

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