Diamond Glass Protective Case for iPhone 11 Pro

Diamond Glass Protective Case for iPhone 11 Pro

Soft Silicon edge Diamond Glass Protective Case for iPhone 11 Pro

Simple style, hard shell glass protective case

Color: transparent

Brand: ESR

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Main Features:

  • Diamond glass shell

Diamond glass shell is a better use glass shell for your iPhone 11 Pro.

  • Highly transparent, High hardness, anti fingerprint, light and thin, strong drop resistance, protect rear camera lens
  • Highly transparently, no yellow dirty

With a long time use, the diamond glass would be original new, not yellowing.

  • High hardness, stronger protection

The hard shell is made of diamond level glass. It could be better to protect your iPhone 11 Pro.

  • Anti fingerprint, fresh and cool experience

The protective case is updated the fingerprint proof coating of Germany Merck.

  • New technology, light and thin as original

The protective case is so light and thin that it is like the case is not put on your iPhone.

  • Anti Drop effect max, beautiful and firm

The diamond level glass could prevent the damage of your iPhone 11 Pro from dropping.

  • Protect camera lens

The all around convex height design of the protective case is to protect the camera lens



Brand: ESR

Product Size: 5.8 inch

Compatible iPhone: iPhone 11 Pro

Material: glass

Product weight: 50g

Package: 1*glass protective case


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