Jmey cube mini instant hot water dispenser white

Jmey cube mini instant hot water dispenser white

Jmey cube mini instant hot water dispenser

Water hotting in 3 seconds, 7-speed temperature control, large-screen display, compact and portable, multi-scene use

Color: white

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  • Three connections, multi-scene use

1.Fashionable and versatile, whether it is for home, office or travel, it gives you the most intimate enjoyment.

2.Connected to water bottles, suitable for most water bottles on the market.

3.Connect the 1.3L water tank, and the optional water tank can be transformed into a desktop water dispenser in seconds.

4.Connected to bottled water, equipped with water pipe for automatic water supply.

  • Smaller than small, can be carried with you

Easily pack the small cube water dispenser into various bags to meet your drinking needs at any time.

1.Travel and office, bring high-speed rail to use.

2.For travel and hotel use.

  • Upgrade again, 3 seconds instant heat technology

Just burn and drink, to ensure that every time you drink is fresh. A new generation of nano-membrane heating technology without inner tank, using high-purity quartz glass tube nano-film heating, with stable performance of non-boiling second boiling technology, hot water will be discharged in 3 seconds.

  • 7 levels of water temperature, freely adjustable

In order to meet the different water temperature needs of a variety of drinks, the Jimi instant hot water dispenser can switch 7 levels of water temperature with one button, and the machine can be handled for various needs.

25C - normal temperature water

45C -foamed milk powder

55C -honey water

65C -grapefruit tea

75C -bubble tea

85C -making coffee

99C -bubble tea

1.One-click milk foaming

45C fresh milk temperature is just right

No need to wait to make milk at night, bid farewell to the traditional way of making milk.

2.Casual afternoon tea

55c honey water / 65c grapefruit tea / 75c bubble tea

Meet your needs for different drinks.

3.Business office

Make coffee at 85C, make tea/boiling water at 99C

Tired from work, a cup of warmth is on hand.

  • HD large screen, intelligent temperature display

Exquisite large screen, highly sensitive waterproof material.

Lock display / Watering display / Water shortage display

  • Smart touch, one-button water

Long press for 1s to unlock the child lock, which is safe and intimate to avoid accidental touch and burns. Touch to adjust the temperature is simple, intelligent memory any key to stop the water, and then press the water without adjusting the temperature.

  • Connection method of mineral water bottle installation

Rotate the adapter to connect the mineral water bottle.

Reversely install the mineral water bottle on the machine.

Long press the child lock to discharge water.

  • Connecting to barreled water installation method

Connect one end of the adapter to the machine.

The other end is inserted into the depth of the water level of the bucket.

Connect well, press and hold the child lock to drain water.


Product model: M2

color: White

Rated frequency: 50Hz

Rated voltage: 220V

Water tank capacity: 1.3L (MAX)

Default water output: 200ml

Power cord: 1.0m

Product size: 88x96x1 85mm

Product net weight: 0.6kg

Gross weight: 0.9kg

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SKU: 225
0.90 kg

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