Zerofog Photocatalyst Aldehyde Remover Mini Air Purifier for Home/Car/Office
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Zerofog Photocatalyst Aldehyde Remover Mini Air Purifier for Home/Car/Office

Zerofog photocatalyst aldehyde remover Mini air purifier

Decompose formaldehyde / Reduce odor / Replace activated carbon / Small and portable

Color: pink / white

Brand: Zerofog

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Zerofog photocatalyst aldehyde remover Mini air purifier


  • Different ways to remove formaldehyde

Use photon energy conversion technology to convert light of a specific wavelength into decomposition energy, effectively decomposing harmful substances such as formaldehyde. In 1 cubic space, the removal rate of formaldehyde/ammonia can reach more than 90% in 8 hours.

  • For home use, you can put it where you want

Whether it is a corner of a newly renovated house, a newly-purchased wardrobe drawer, or a pet nest with peculiar smell, the aldehyde remover can be used flexibly to decompose formaldehyde to reduce peculiar smell, so that hidden small spaces can breathe.This product does not rely on natural light and can work in a dark environment.

  • It can be used in office OR car.

Let you work at ease, or drive smoothly

Moving into a newly renovated office is always worried and uneasy at work; the car just bought smells very heavy. It just so happens that the photocatalyst aldehyde remover will share your worries, whether it is a desk or a car. The aldehyde elimination device does not produce irritating gases such as ozone, and can be placed near the body. It can also be used normally after the car is turned off.

  • 2000mAh large capacity lithium battery, support wireless use

After being fully charged, it can run continuously for up to 6 hours, and the interval operation can work for up to 6 days.

  • No consumables needed, saving time, effort and money

The photocatalyst is a catalyst, it will not be consumed and does not need to be replaced regularly. 

  • Multiple operating modes to meet multiple needs

In view of the slow release of formaldehyde, there is an interval operation mode.

ON: Continuous operation

1h: Run for 10min every 1h

2h: Run for 10min every 2h

4h: Run for 5 min every 4h

*The operation interface is at the bottom of the product

  • Product details stand the test
  • USB charging, easy to use
  • Lanyard hole design
  • Battery power indicator

When fully charged, it turns blue

Battery power is less than 20%, green color

Battery power is less than 10%, red color

When charging, the indicator flashes

When the battery is full, the indicator stop flashing

  • The indicator is in sleep state

After 1 minute of no operation in the running state, the mode and power indicator will enter the sleep state. Tap the touch button to wake up the indicator.

  • Details

Product name: Zero fog photocatalyst aldehyde remover

Product model: GCMCQB89-2000

Product net weight: about 0.21kg

Product size: 75*75*89 mm

Battery capacity: 2000mAh

Input voltage: DC5V

Input current: 1A

Package: photocatalyst aldehyde remover * 1

Common question

  • Q: Where can the product be placed?

A: This product is small in size and has a lanyard hole. It can be placed in newly purchased furniture, newly decorated offices, wardrobes, bedside tables/cabinets, cars, etc., especially in small airtight rooms.

  • Q: How long can the product last?

A: This product is equipped with a 2000mAh lithium battery. When fully charged, the product can run continuously for up to 6 hours. In order not to affect the service life of the lithium battery, it is recommended not to use it while charging.

  • Q: During the operation of the product, why do the indicator lights on the bottom and side of the product go out?

A: After the product has been running for about 1 minute, if no one is operating the product during the period, the product will automatically enter the power-saving state (the bottom and side indicators are off, but it does not affect the normal working state), click the touch button at the bottom again, To wake up the product.

  • Precautions for use:

Cannot be used in an environment above 50°C.

A dusty environment will affect the life of the product.

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