Wowstick 1F Plus 56-in-1 Electric Screwdriver

Wowstick 1F Plus 56-in-1 Electric Screwdriver

Wowstick 1F Plus 56-in-1 Electric Screwdriver

Smart USB Lithium Battery Charge Screw Driver

56 x S2 aluminium alloy screw bit / USB charge / LED light

Brand: Wowstick

Color dark: gray

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  • One storage box contains 69 pieces of accessories, meeting different working demands.

1. Storage Box   2. Electric Screwdriver 3. Dock Base  4. Suction Cup  

5. Sturdy Triangle Opening Tool  6. Bottle of Screws  7. Magnetizer

8. 56 x S2 aluminium alloy screw bit 9. Screw Pad

  • Great Configuration - Amazing Experience

MICRO USB Lithium Battery

Global Standard Screw Bit

Complete Aluminum Body

3 LED Lights

Dual Mode Torque

Dock Base - Portable Tool Box

Piano Key Switch - Easy to Operate

Safe Protection - 200RPM

  • Brand new lithium battery electric power, it is comfortable and quick to use.

free from trouble use of wire charge screwdriver

more effective use from USB charge

large power output

  • Lithium Battery, slim body and strong power - quicker, stronger and longer

It uses MICRO USB 5V direct charge way, making the screwdriver charging as convenient as your iPhone charge.

  • Charging Status:

green light - full charged

red light - it is currently at charge

The screwdriver is charged 40 minutes, which can make it continually work 2 hours or stand-by 180 days.

  • 56 pieces of S2 aluminium alloy screw bits meet different working demands.

Dismantle smart phone, computer and toy etc...

glasses / smart phone / computer / hard disk / apple watch / shaver / joy stick /

socket / drone / knife / engine / gun

  • Piano key design, single finger to press, stop working once un-press

The radian, chamfering, texture and material of the pressing key make you easy

to turn on the electric screw driver.

  • Dual modes (electric rotate and hand rotate) make the efficiency double and say good bye to the repeated operation.

If the nut is too tight, please continuously use hand rotation while it is under the electric rotate mode. Automatic lock and ratchet wheel protect the nuts.

Press forward button to tighten the nut.

Press backward button to tighten the nut.

  • Wowstick screwdriver 1F plus, its workmanship as smart phone, is something different.

Three LED shadowless lights illuminate all around.

It matches 3 LED lights as the surgery shadowless light, which makes clearly to operate the screwdriver at darkness.

  • Magnetic storage box, multi-way to store



Color: dark gray

Screwdriver size: diameter - 15mm / length - 173mm

Torque: electric mode - up to 015N*M / manual mode - up to 015N*M

No-load rotate speed: 200R/MIN

Package size: 183*41*35MM

Weight: 0.9kg

Screw bit size: 4*28MM/4*45MM

No-load working time: about 2 hours

Function: dismantle or install nuts

Power supply way: Lithium-ion charge

Charge time: 40 minutes

One time full charge stand-by: about 180 days

One time full charge use: 10-30 days ( not continually use )

Voltage: 3.7V

Charge parameter: charge input standard - 5V DC 500MAH

Use way: forward key - tighten / backward key - loose

Charge way: USB cable charge


Package: 1 x Electric Screwdriver, 56 x Screw Bit, 1 x Base, 1 x Magnetizer, 1 x Suction Cup, 1 x Magnetic Positioning Plate, 1 x Storage Box, 1 x USB Cable, 1 x Sturdy Triangle Opening Tool, 1 x Bottle of Screws, 1 x English and Chinese User Manual


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