NexTool Pro Flagship 10-in-1 Pocket Multitool

NexTool Pro Flagship 10-in-1 Pocket Multitool

NexTool Pro Flagship 10-in-1 Pocket Multitool

Innovative design / 10-in-1 function / fine workmanship / portable & durable

sharp nose pliers, regular pliers and filament pliers, saw, Phillips screwdriver, fire stick, straight screwdriver, bottle opener, knife, scissors

Color: black

Brand: TexTool

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Only with a reliable multitool, it could complete the one task alone, which needs several tools before. Exquisite and portable Nextool contains the functional features of scissors, pliers, knife, saw, screwdriver and fire stick etc. It could easily help to resolve the daily tasks like twisting, screwing, cutting, peeling and sawing. It is actually our multi-function pocket machinist.

  • High workmanship, which precision is up to 0.04mm.

The precision of the product made by the general metal processing factory could only reach 0.1mm.   

  • Strong rust-proof, smooth, high texture

With the handling of the strict blackening technology, it makes the rust-proof of Nextool pocket multitool, which is not afraid of sweating, and could be easy to adjust to the outdoor moisture circumstances. The smooth density surface of the tool is better to show its high texture.

  • Strong pliers power, durable in use

Pliers are made of 30Cr13 alloy steel and its hardness is up to HRC50, which has the features of high strength, hardness and durability. It consists of the three functions: sharp nose pliers, regular pliers and filament pliers, and thus can deal with mingling, twisting, cutting and screwing. It is a powerful tool in daily use.

Sharp nose pliers can be used to twist steel wires or screw small-sized nuts.

Regular pliers is mainly use to wrench big-sized nuts.

Filament pliers can cut the small copper wire which is 0.15mm diameter.

  • Big scissors, big shear force

Dropping the small scissors design of most of the combined tools, Textool multitool integrates the full size big scissors, which is one body folding design and saves room. The scissors share the hand shank with the pliers. It is comfortable to hold, and its opening and closing is fluent at cutting paper, cloth and rope.

  • Folding fire stick, light at a moment

It uses the high quality magnesium stick with moisture proof. It could be fast to make a fire at outdoor activity.

  • Sharp knife, peel and cut fluently

High hardness, good tenacity, antiseptic and wear-resisting, sharp and durable, peel and cut fluently

  • Saw with the hardness is up to HRC50

With new cross saw teeth and double cutting structure ability, it is safer and stable to use.

  • Straight screwdriver

It is applied to tighten or unscrew the word screw.

  • Phillips screwdriver

It is used to tighten or unscrew the cross screw.

  • Bottle opener

With 110mm long pliers handle, it leverages the level principle to open the bottle cap of the drink or beer.

  • Compact, small and portable

The close length of the Nextool multitool is only 11cm, which could be easily put to the knapsack or even pocket. It also has a wearable toggle clip, placing it on the belt when it is convenient to use.

  • The multitool makes of 48 pieces of parts

With up to 48 pieces of parts, the multitools is powerful. So it is under high quality control and good structure.

sharp nose pliers, regular pliers and filament pliers, saw, Phillips screwdriver, fire stick, straight screwdriver, bottle opener, knife, scissors

Surface processing: blackening technology

Suitable scene: outdoor or home use

Main material: 420J2 alloy steel

Product size: 106*36*21mm

Weight: about 193.5g

Package Content: TexTool Multitool * 1


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