Mojietu Music Bluetooth Car Charger

Mojietu Music Bluetooth Car Charger

Mojietu Music Bluetooth Car Charger from Xiaomi Youpin

Multi-car adaptation / play music / voltage monitoring / car charging / dual USB port / QC 2.4A/ dual bluetooth 4.2 / compatible with Android and iOS

Color: white, black

Brand: Mojietu

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Main features:

Play music and charging are combined as a whole.

Compatible with tablet, Android and iOS phones.

Adapt for 90% of car brands on the market.

Smart noise reduction technology, clear music sound accompany you.

High charging efficiency. single port output 2.4A max, dual port output 3.4A.

  • Smart connect, wireless cast

Use exclusive nearby FM to cast audio sound from music APP of device (Xiaomi phone, iPhone and iPad etc.) to car speaker

  • Compatible with various car models of different car brands

Use metal spring contact design, more elastic, fit for different car cigarette lighter ports. 

One light press, stable connection. 

  • Listen to a lot of internet high quality music anytime

After connection to phone APP, the appointed music APP would be turn on automatically.

(Note: only for android phone at present)

Enjoy different online/offline web songs.

  • Battery voltage monitoring, safety driving

When voltage is abnormal, red warning light of car charger will be flashed continually, sending out warning sound. The related data is updated to phone APP at the same time.

  • Strong transformation, smart car charging

Under graceful looking is a powerful charging chip.

Electricity of dual port output is up to 3.4A. Single port, 2.4A max.

Adaptive input voltage is 12/24 VDC.

  • Fully optimize charging efficiency 

Two USB charging ports could simultaneously charge phone or tablet.

Smart chip could detect phone/tablet and allot power itself. 

Work like the original charger, extend the battery life.

  • HQ circuit chip

Use high performance chip, provide 8 circuit protections, fully improve charging efficiency.

Electricity output protection / short circuit protection / reset protection / low noise output / temperature protection / smart detection IC / over current protection / wide voltage protection 

  • Safety use

Use refined steel as material, harder and more electricity conductive,

  • Super quality handcrafted brass electrode

Electricity conduction fast / good heat dissipation / anti high or low temperature

  • Elegant outlook

Match with car inner decoration style



Port: Dual USB Port

Model: BRQ04RM

Input Voltage (Car charger): DC 12V - 24V

Output Voltage (Car charger): DC 5V

Output Electricity (Car charger): 2.4A*2 (Max: 3.4A)

Product Size: 26.5*26.5*61.3 mm


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