A8 Car Head Up Dispaly Digital Projector

A8 Car Head Up Dispaly Digital Projector

A8 HUD Car Driving Multifunctional Digital Projector

HUD projection display function

Vehicle Speed, engine RPM, water temperature, voltage, instantaneous fuel consumption, average fuel consumption, driving distance measurement 

Color: black

Brand: Wiiyii

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  • The A8 HUD head up display has 13 functions.

1. Photosensitive Element - Interact with the light intensity and automatically adapt the screen brightness

2. Engine RPM - Shows the status of the engine rotate speed

3. Warning Icon - From left to right: gear shift remind/speed alarm/engine failure/fatigue driving/voice

4. Vehicle speed - Digital number displays the car driving speed.

5. Engine RPM Unit - The engine rotate speed - 1000/min

6. Unit Symbol - MPH / KM/H PRM

7. Fuel Oil Icon

8. Fuel Consumption Display

9. Fuel Consumption Unit - L/100KM   L/H

10. Multifunctional Display - Displays voltage, driving distance, water temperature

11. Unit Symbol - Degree Centigrade/Fahrenheit Degree/Kilometer/Voltage/Mile

12. Warning Icon - From left to right: water temperature/ voltage / driving distance

13.Water Temperature

  • You can experience the HUD technology at the plane when you are driving. It is quite cool.
  • It breaks the innovation and is more powerful than what you can imagine.

With the classic colors matching and five-hues clean display, to read the driving data is conciser and easier to understand.

  • Professional design makes its performances stronger.

The fluency at high speed driving is guaranteed by the high performance dealing chip, powerful compatibility, double-run memory and dual-core processor.

  • The back side uses the high quality material, making it looks nice and comfortable.

The four sides applies the piano stoving varnish technology.

With colorful and HD LED, the data could be displayed clearly.

  • 5.5 inch large screen, nano-metallizing technology

The front side utilizes ano-metallizing technology to clean extra reflection, making the display scene clearer.

  • High temperature resistance technological material ABS and PC

The A8 head up display could work at the temperature between -40c to +80c.

Therefore, we could be rest assured to use it.

  • More than one display style

You could set four display styles, which is casual, safe and cool.

Model One - Vehicle speed / engine RPM / fuel consumption / water temperature / voltage

Model Two - Vehicle speed / engine RPM / fuel consumption / water temperature / driving distance

Model Three - Vehicle speed / fuel consumption

Smart high speed model

When vehicle speed is lower than 80 km/h, it will be the standard model.

While it is higher than 80 km/h, it will be the concise model.

Driving distance measurement - It will show the actual driving distance.

  • Three fuel consumption models - automatic switch, real-time display

Idling mode ( before driving ) - HUD shows the instantaneous fuel consumption L/H after the ignition key is turned on to start the car engine.

Navigating mode ( driving ) - HUD presents the instantaneous fuel consumption at 100km L/100KM when the car is at the status of driving.

Average fuel consumption ( after driving ) - HUD displays the average fuel consumption L/100KM after the car is turned off.

  • Automatically adapt to most of the car models. OBD II port, plug and play

Two ways to judge the A8 HUD if it is suitable for your car.

1. To find the tags under your car engine bonnet if it has the words “OBD II CERTIFIED”.

2. To check if there is the OBD port under the steering wheel.

  • Three steps to complete the installation.

(It does not need to change the original car circuit.)

Step one - Plug OBD cable to A8 HUD, and place it at the front of car windshield.

Step two - To hide the OBD cable at the instrument board seam

Step three - Connect the car OBD port by the other side of the OBD cable.



Product name: A8 HUD multifunctional head up display   Product Functions: 13 functions

Color: black                

Product Size: 125*75*15mm

Product feature: safe and convenient        

Working voltage: 9V-16Vdc(12Vdc/400mA)

Standby voltage: <3MA           

Environment temperature: -40c ~ +80c                

Barometric pressure: 86-106KPa          

Environment noise: <<= 60dB(A)        

Alarm level: >> = 30dB(A)            

Product weight: 110g


Package: A8 HUD*1, OBD cable*1, Manual*1


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